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Plan. Develop. Deliver.

At Crafted Communications, we collaborate with clients to help them develop strategic communications plans and initiatives to tell their stories to the audience that matters most. We believe that nothing is more important to our clients’ success than experienced communication professionals who develop the strategies AND implement the communication programs. And those programs are customized for each client, because we recognize that each company’s challenges are unique.

Our public relations and planning experience allows us to develop a solid path forward for your project, campaign or media relations program. We offer the reach and resources of a big agency with a boutique agency philosophy — to be efficient, nimble and accessible to our clients.

Crafted Communications constantly evaluates and measures the effectiveness of our efforts, making sure we support our clients’ business objectives and secure leadership in their markets with a high return on investment.

"Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing."
John D. Rockefeller


Communications Planning / PR Strategy

Communications Plans Public Relations Plans Messaging/Positioning Communications Audits
We believe that the center of any successful communication program lies in the plan. It is the foundation for the strategies and tactics we put in place, all working together to generate the desired results.

Media Relations

News Release Writing Onsite Media Support Media Training
Press Conferences Media Kits Media List Development/Distribution
Positive media coverage helps build awareness and position you as a leader in your industry. We build solid media strategies and take you through the entire process, from writing your news release and distribution to pitching your story and helping you prepare for the interview.

Marketing Communications

Website Content Annual Reports Case Studies Brochures Newsletters
Marketing is a broad term that can be interpreted in different ways.
For us, marketing communications means developing the materials and content you need to reach your current and future audiences.

Crisis Communications

Crisis Planning Crisis Management Support Community Outreach
Our crisis communications services will prepare your organization to communicate the right information to employees, media, customers and stakeholders. We work hand in hand with you and, as needed, your legal counsel to help you respond appropriately and to limit damage associated with a crisis situation.

Social Media

Strategy Development Social Media Plans Social Media Implementation
In today's world your communication program must include social media that works in concert with all of your other efforts. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are now only the basics of an ever-evolving list of opportunities. We provide the strategy and execution necessary to build or increase your presence and reach.

Graphic Design / Website Development

Crafted Communications also has strategic partnerships for graphic design and web development to service client projects of all scopes and sizes.


Amanda Craft is the president and founder of Crafted Communications, but most importantly she is a person who is dedicated to her clients and passionate about her work in public relations. Amanda started Crafted Communications to develop tailored communications solutions that produce real results. Her approach is to absorb the mission, working style and culture of her clients to build meaningful relationships and to establish an in-depth understanding of their goals and needs.

With more than 15 years experience in the public relations industry, Amanda has a wealth of communications management experience for non-profit, government, association and private sector clients. Prior to founding Crafted Communications, Amanda worked as a senior public relations specialist for a large advertising and public relations agency, as a public information officer in city government and as a marketing manager in the private sector.

During her career, Amanda developed and implemented the media relations program for an energy efficiency initiative in Indiana, aimed at reducing energy consumption for residents and business owners. The award-winning initiative netted hundreds of T.V., print, and online media hits for the client and resulted in more than 1 billion kWh of energy saved. She also managed a public affairs team embedded at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division responsible for brand management, corporate communications training, media kits, videos, magazines, news releases, niche-publication articles and collateral development. And, she directed community outreach and team training for a multi-year environmental remediation project in north central Indiana.

Amanda is a member of the Public Relations Society of America and serves as an adjunct professor for public relations writing at Indiana University’s Media School.

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Public Relations: plan your approach, develop your message, deliver your communications.


Crafted Communications’ wide-ranging experience encompasses clients from nonprofits, government, service organizations and the private sector. The organizations we serve come to us at various points in their lifecycle—some of them are startups, some of them are decades-old companies with important stories to tell. We have senior level experience in:

Select Client Experience:

  • Radius Indiana
  • Energizing Indiana
  • Lindeman & Associates
  • NSWC Crane

  • Garden Tower Project
  • Indianapolis Zoo
  • Foundations Dyslexia & Learning Centers

  • Indiana Office of Secretary of State
  • Life Designs
  • Top Notch Indiana

Client Spotlight

Foundations Dyslexia and Learning Centers

Visual Identity Marketing Materials Public Relations
Foundations Dyslexia & Learning Centers contracted Crafted Communications as a start-up company planning to open three pilot locations offering dyslexia diagnosis, treatment and tutoring services. The company needed a visual identity, website, marketing materials, messaging, and public relations launch to establish its corporate brand and raise awareness for its three locations. Crafted developed a brand strategy and direction for the logo and corporate identity, company website, brochure, as well as tailored press releases and media relations for each location’s market. We collaborated with Foundations’ founders to develop materials that communicate the company’s unique, full-service treatment solutions as well as capture the company’s proactive, positive approach to servicing its clients.

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